When it comes to running a business, especially in the thriving economy of Reno, NV, effective Human Resource (HR) management can make all the difference. As your business expands, so does the complexity of HR tasks - from payroll processing, benefits enrollment, compliance issues, to even managing company culture. But what if you could delegate these daunting tasks to a reliable partner, allowing you more time to focus on strategic growth? Meet The Applied Companies (TAC), a trusted Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that offers customizable HR solutions tailored for your business needs.

TAC: Your One-Stop HR Solution in Reno

At TAC, we provide a comprehensive range of HR solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses in Reno. Our services extend beyond just payroll and benefits management. We ensure seamless HR issue processing, compliance, and risk management solutions - all under one roof. With our assistance, businesses can mitigate risks, meet their goals more efficiently, and foster a more productive work environment.

The PEO Advantage: Accelerate Your Business Growth

Choosing to partner with a PEO like TAC is a strategic business decision. Research suggests that companies collaborating with a PEO grow 7-9% faster, experience 10-14% lower employee turnover, and are 50% less likely to go out of business. By leveraging TAC's expertise in HR solutions, you can focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth while ensuring your employees are well-taken care of.

Solving Your HR Pain Points

TAC's HR solutions are designed to address the common pain points in HR management. Our platform offers a robust recruitment and onboarding system that includes background check results uploading, setting you apart from the competition. With our dedicated HR consulting team, we can assist you in implementing performance reviews and setting clear guidelines to manage employee turnover and boost productivity.

Moreover, TAC provides state-of-the-art HRIS software for document storage, ensuring total compliance. Our web-based payroll system, fully-integrated time clock, and designated payroll partner ensure seamless record-keeping and payroll processing. And when it comes to benefits, our competitive packages cover medical, dental, vision, and more. Our multiple employer 401k plans and workers' comp plans are tailored to meet your company's specific needs.

Additionally, we provide managerial trainings and support to help build an excellent workplace culture. TAC works directly with your employees to assist with life events, conflicts, and morale-boosting initiatives.

Two woman utilizing PEO HR services

Customized HR Solutions to Fit Your Needs

TAC offers three types of customizable HR solutions: Payroll & Compliance, HR Only, and HR & Payroll. We understand that every business has unique requirements. Whether you only need assistance with payroll, or require a complete HR management solution, TAC has got you covered.

Benefits of TAC's HR & Payroll Services

By choosing TAC's HR and Payroll services, you gain access to a host of benefits. We manage everything from employee onboarding, custom handbooks, custom job descriptions, HR training, hiring and termination assistance, and much more. Our direct deposit and pay card options, along with payroll software, make payroll management a breeze.

Premier Employer Benefits with TAC

Our benefits solutions ensure your business and employees have access to a robust benefits plan. From plan design and management, insurance carrier analysis, leave and disability administration, HIPAA compliance, and more, we handle it all.

Quality Risk Management for Your Peace of Mind

TAC's risk management tools include workers’ compensation plan administration, safety compliance assistance, unemployment administration, and pre-employment screening tests. These services are designed to mitigate risks, providing a secure business environment as you strive for success.

In conclusion, navigating the complexities of HR management can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. With TAC as your HR solutions partner, you can focus on what matters most - growing your business. Let us handle your HR solutions, so you can spend more time shaping the future of your company. Start today with TAC, your dedicated partner in business growth in Northern Nevada.

A four-day workweek is becoming more popular recently despite the long-standing standard of a 40-hour workday. There are benefits & drawbacks to consider before switching to an extra day off each week, even though it may seem like a dream come true. In this article, we'll dig into the four-day workweek and consider if Reno, Nevada firms and employees would find it to be a viable choice.

The concept has gained popularity in recent years, with companies in various industries around the world adopting this work arrangement. Increased productivity, work-life balance, & job happiness are just a few advantages of a four-day workweek. If employees had an extra day off to recover, indulge in hobbies, or spend time with loved ones, they would be happier & more content with their jobs overall. Employee productivity also rises since they are more likely to show up to work feeling relaxed and rested.

The four-day workweek also benefits companies in terms of reduced overhead costs, such as electricity and heating, and lower rental costs. A four-day workweek also helps businesses in competitive job markets attract and keep top talent, which boosts employee morale and job satisfaction.

a group of people looking at Reno jobs.

The four-day workweek can be a good choice for companies in Reno, Nevada, especially in labor-intensive sectors like healthcare, education, & manufacturing. Making the switch to a four-day workweek requires careful consideration of the specific needs of each firm & its employees. Some businesses may find that a four-day workweek is not suitable for their industry or may require additional staff to ensure adequate coverage.

A four-day workweek may also result in fewer absences and greater employee wellness in general. According to studies, working less hours can improve physical & emotional well-being, reduce stress, and even cut blood pressure and headache frequency. This can therefore result in a happier workplace atmosphere and more productivity.

Another advantage is that it might result in cost savings for the business. Businesses might reduce their need for office space and save money on costs like energy and utilities by working one less day. For startups or small firms wanting to cut costs, this might be especially helpful.

However, implementing a four-day workweek requires careful consideration and planning. Employers must ensure that workload and productivity remain high, even with one less day of work. It may require adjusting work schedules, redistributing tasks, and potentially hiring additional staff to maintain productivity levels.

Businesses can take specific actions to ensure a smooth transition into a four-day workweek. First, it is important to communicate the changes with employees and gather their feedback to address any concerns or challenges. Additionally, businesses can implement flexible scheduling options, such as staggered shifts, to accommodate different employee needs and schedules.

Jobs in several sectors, such as healthcare, education, & manufacturing, in Reno, Nevada, may benefit from a four-day workweek. By offering this work arrangement, businesses can improve employee satisfaction, reduce overhead costs, and attract and retain top talent in a competitive job market. A four-day workweek can be a practical alternative for businesses and employees in Reno, Nevada, with the right preparation and communication.

Get your business up to date on the newest trends by beginning your journey with The Applied Companies today!

Keeping high-quality employees is crucial for any business, particularly those relying on skilled professionals. Turnover rates can negatively affect productivity, morale, and recruitment costs. The solution? Effective workforce solutions and HR consulting services.

HR consulting services assist businesses in managing their human resources, including recruitment and retention strategies, training and development programs, and compliance with employment laws. By partnering with an HR consulting firm, businesses can optimize their human resource management practices and foster employee engagement and loyalty.

Similarly, workforce solutions assist businesses in managing their workforce, including staffing services, outsourcing, and temporary staffing. By finding the right talent, businesses can reduce recruitment costs and ensure compliance with employment laws.

Employee Retention

One of the most significant benefits of these solutions is improved employee retention. By creating a positive work environment and providing effective training and development, businesses can reduce turnover rates and retain their top talent.

Another benefit is enhanced productivity. A skilled and motivated workforce can significantly increase productivity, leading to better business outcomes and higher profits. By identifying skill gaps and providing training programs to address them, businesses can ensure employees have the necessary skills to perform their roles effectively.

Finally, these solutions can help businesses reduce costs associated with high turnover rates and legal risks by ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations.

Effective workforce solutions and HR consulting services are critical to retaining high-quality employees. These solutions can create a positive work environment, develop career paths, offer effective training and development, and ensure compliance with employment laws. By partnering with an HR consulting firm and leveraging workforce solutions, businesses can optimize their human resource management practices and retain their top talent for long-term success.

TAC: Reno’s Trusted Professional Employer Organization 

The Applied Companies works closely with each client to develop a customized plan designed to meet the business goals and needs of your employees based on honest and ethical human resource solutions. Reach out to our knowledgeable staff for more information regarding employee retention.

In 2020, The Applied Companies has helped numerous local organizations weather the storm of COVID-19 with their Reno staffing solutions. By providing companies with a high-tech HR platform, helping to navigate new HR regulations, and improving employee retention through recruitment and workforce counseling, TAC is working to help local business professionals thrive. Additionally, in 2020 TAC was recognized as an NNHRA “Best Places to Work” Award winner with its highest finish ever.

In honor of their hard work and diligent service to their community, NCET, Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, announced The Applied Companies as the 2021 Professional Services Organization of the Year! TAC’s recognition in this category symbolizes countless hours of dedication by our team to ensure that our clients are prepared to endure whatever the future may hold.

Learn more about NCET and The Applied Companies below!

What It Means To Be NCET’s Professional Services Organization of the Year

NCET produces a wide range of programs and events to help people explore business and technology in the hopes of encouraging and empowering entrepreneurs to succeed and flourish.

The NCET Technology Awards celebrate the Northern Nevada individuals and companies who have greatly enhanced the growth and prestige of the technology community, while the EDAWN Awards recognize the people and resources that have played an integral part in contributing to the growth of our entrepreneurial community.

If you’re interested in learning more about the innovations and achievements occurring in Northern Nevada’s technology and entrepreneurial community, visit NCET Tech Awards for tickets to the Showcase and Awards Gala.

The Applied Companies - Executive Search Consultants in Reno, NV

The Applied Companies is the largest locally owned and operated workforce firm in Northern Nevada. We’ve been actively helping the community with their workforce and employment needs since 2002 by providing human resource and employer benefits services, as well as staffing solutions and executive search for employers and candidates alike.

We enjoy being able to help businesses succeed by providing creative, honest, and ethical human resource solutions that are designed specifically for you. Our customized solutions and services are created specifically to meet the unique needs of your business. Our knowledge of industry standards and understanding of the workforce helps us find the right job for those looking for employment.

Our biggest goal as a staffing agency is to help local Reno businesses and business professionals grow in their industry. Whether that means helping you find qualified and motivated staff, or giving you the necessary HR tools you need to succeed, we’re here to help. Taking care of our employees and providing excellent customer service are our top priorities.


We offer services that aid business owners and entrepreneurs with all of their workforce needs from recruiting qualified staff to providing all of your HR essentials. We also provide services to associates looking for employment including resume building and developing job interview skills. Take a look at just some of the solutions we provide:

Executive Search



Reno NV Staffing Solutions from TAC

Now, celebrating the NCET Technology Awards’ 14th year, TAC has the honor and privilege to be included in the list of those who have contributed so much to the technology community. We have amazing clients and a wonderful staff, and this award is a testament to all of their hard work over this uncertain and grueling past year.

Connect with us today to see how we can help you and your business grow.

The recent pandemic has left millions out of work and the unemployment rate has skyrocketed as a result. While there were additional funds granted to help aid the surge in unemployment, those funds are starting to dwindle. With unemployment coming to an end, people everywhere are starting to get back to work, but they’re having to find new jobs due to business closures and cutbacks. Fortunately, a great Reno staffing agency, such as The Applied Companies, can help. We’ll make finding a job during COVID-19 the least of your worries. 

See how we can help you land the job you want by offering help with resume writing, interviews, skills testing, and more. 

working during covid

Resume Writing

Landing the perfect job takes a bit of preparation. Your resume presents potential employers with their first impression of you, so it’s crucial that it adequately reflects your skills and knowledge related to the position you’re applying for. Some resumes lack the information hiring executives are looking for, which means they’ll likely move on to the next candidate rather than give you a chance in an interview. Resumes should be kept short and concise to show the employer why you would be an asset to their company.

We’ll help job seekers write their resume to be tailored to the job position they're applying for. By helping candidates highlight the assets and skills they have that are relevant to the position available, they have a greater chance of being considered for employment.


Interviewing is another critical step in the hiring process that needs to be mastered to get the job. This is where the employer gets a better understanding of who you are and what you can or cannot do for the company. It’s important to display your understanding of the industry and to present your most professional self to the interviewer. 

The Applied Companies can help job seekers develop the confidence they need to navigate their way through the interview process. From learning how to act professionally to developing key communication skills, you’ll learn how to impress future employers and hopefully sell yourself as the best candidate for the job. 

Skills Testing 

Industry testing is one of the most beneficial services we provide job seekers as it helps determine a candidate’s skills. This will help the staffing agent identify your specific abilities and lead you to the job best suited for you. We can also give you suggestions and provide feedback for the areas that need improvement.  


Working with The Applied Companies to find a job during COVID-19 has many advantages, including the benefits that are available to some employees. TAC works with companies that provide benefits such as healthcare and retirement to employees. With the current pandemic and limited job opportunities, this is major for any job seeker. 

Work with a Reno Staffing Agency  

Let a premier Reno staffing agency help you find your ideal job today by making the hiring process quicker, more targeted, and more convenient. The Applied Companies is here to help! Learn how we can help you prepare for the job you’ve been waiting for. 

 Look for a Job

Too often candidates and employers make the hiring process much more complicated than it should be. The principle that more job seekers and hiring authorities should adopt is Occam’s razor, which advocates for simple assumptions to be used in the hiring process. Not only will this principle simplify the entire recruitment process, but it can also help employers find better candidates, and helps candidates better prepare for interviews. However, if you need further assistance in the hiring process, utilize our human resource consulting services which help candidates and employers find the best option for employment. Or, take a look below to learn more about how you can simplify the hiring process for yourself by not making complex assumptions.

Occam’s Razor and Making Simple Assumptions 

William of Ockham created the problem-solving principle known as Occam’s razor, a theory that expresses a simplified way of coming to a more beneficial conclusion. His theory states that when considering the best possibility, the one with the fewest, or most simple, assumptions should be chosen. Today, this principle can be effectively used in the hiring process because it acts as a model for both candidates and employers to follow. For example, if more people made fewer assumptions during an interview, they would be able to get to key details more quickly and with less frustration. Not only would the recruitment process and interviewing be much more simple for both parties, but it would also provide better results.

Making Assumptions  

Both the applicant and the hiring authority can benefit from making simple assumptions during the hiring process. Here’s how: 


Typically candidates make too many assumptions about their resume. These commonly incorrect presumptions are that their resume will be read, the person reading the resume will already know what to look for, and lastly that the reader will understand the message they are trying to convey. However, using Occam’s razor will allow candidates to better prepare their resume for what employers are actually looking for. Candidates should write their resume with the simple assertion that “I am a good employee and this is why.” This uncomplicated assumption will make their resume more clear and garner them more interview opportunities. 

And when it comes to the interview process, applicants should remember to also keep things simple. Your main goal as a candidate is to sell yourself to your potential boss. By straightforwardly explaining “here’s what I’ve accomplished and done for others and here’s what I can do for you,” you’ll easily get the attention of your interviewer and have a better probability of being considered for the job.


Using the simple assumption theory also helps interviewers, or hiring authorities, make uncomplicated assumptions that alleviate the stress of recruiting a new employee. Employers should consider these four simple assumptions:

These questions are uncomplicated and direct which allows hiring authorities to make better decisions in a shorter amount of time. This simplifies the entire process and typically provides better end results as well. 

Critical Thinking 

Another crucial way to find the best candidate for an open position is to test their critical thinking skills. To do this, start by giving your prospective candidate a business-related problem that would pertain to your company. Then ask them to solve the problem and analyze their results. When doing this you want to look for two key things - what their answer is (if it’s right or wrong) and how they came to this solution. The most important thing to figure out is how they think, so look for creative and surprising responses that you think will be a good asset to bring to your company. 

Also, don’t be afraid of politely pushing back during an interview. A critical thinker will defend their answer and give reasons to back up that defense. This shows the type of personality that is beneficial to have on your team and displays whether or not the candidate is confident in their own abilities.

Simplify the Hiring Process

If the hiring process leaves you feeling overwhelmed, then connect with the experts at The Applied Companies. Our human resource consulting services are designed to help candidates and employers alike throughout the recruitment process. We help candidates find their ideal job and assist businesses in hiring appropriate employees. Whether you’re looking for a career or searching for the right candidate, we’re here for you. 

HR and PoliticsDetermining whether or not a company should take a political stand is a common concern among businesses. Companies often ask themselves what consequences they might face from taking a political stand, and how their business might benefit from making their voice heard. But, how do you decide if becoming involved in politics is the right decision for your business or not?

How Businesses Get Involved in Politics

Generally, private sector employers may limit political discussions as well as asking for political donations in the workplace. Often, employees will confuse their First Amendment rights with rules inside the workplace. Rules regarding these issues are state-specific, and employers who seek to limit solicitation are encouraged to incorporate rules into a policy. However, employers may contribute what they want to political campaigns. But, is this a wise choice? (more…)

the applied companies employee handbook

You put a lot of time and energy into your employee manual. It communicates vital company information and helps you keep your assets covered. But wouldn’t it be nice if your employees actually read it? Make it engaging and useful and they’ll take the time to read it, refer to it for simple questions and have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities and your expectations.


bring your team together with inclusion in the workplaceWhen people talk about inclusion, their thoughts tend to go towards metrics like reaching diversity hiring initiatives, but true inclusion is so much more than that. It means building a truly inclusive workplace culture that will allow the company and individuals who work there to thrive and feel that their contributions as individuals are welcomed.

Look for Buy-In – From the Top Down

Your managers and executives set the tone. If they don’t take the commitment to inclusion seriously, no one else in the company will either. SHRM emphasizes the importance that “company leaders understand that inclusion is about ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard, opinions are considered and value to the team is evident.” Consider forming an inclusion committee that includes decision makers with the power to make genuine change.


the applied companies flexible work scheduling

Flexible work schedules are defined as schedules that don’t stick to the traditional 9-to-5 day of an office. With flexible work schedules, employees may come in or leave earlier or later than conventional times dictate. Some flex-time employees also compress work weeks, and may work four 10-hour days rather than five 8-hour ones.

In the end, the goal is to find the best schedule that allows your team to perform optimally. What do you need to consider if you’re thinking of offering flexible work schedules? Here are the pros and cons.


the applied companies building company culture

A company’s culture can be a key component in ensuring that employee morale and retention are strong. Employees who enjoy the culture tend to be happy and engaged, and will stay with the company for a long time. Cultural fit can help teams worth at peak productivity. Companies known for a culture their staff loves, moreover, tend to attract top employees.

But how can you build a stronger culture and become an employer of choice? Follow these three tips.


the applied companies cost of a bad hire

Have you made a mistake and hired a poor performer for an open position? It can be very painful to realize that the person who choose at the end of a lengthy hiring process isn’t actually working out — or is actively causing problems.


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