February 4, 2019

Build a Company Culture Your Staff Loves

the applied companies building company culture

A company’s culture can be a key component in ensuring that employee morale and retention are strong. Employees who enjoy the culture tend to be happy and engaged, and will stay with the company for a long time. Cultural fit can help teams worth at peak productivity. Companies known for a culture their staff loves, moreover, tend to attract top employees.

But how can you build a stronger culture and become an employer of choice? Follow these three tips.

1. Find opportunities to make your employees feel appreciated.

Many times, your appreciation for employees’ hard work may not be self-evident. You’ve got to actively make it clear that you value their contributions and show them what their works means to the business. One good way to do that is to institute specific policies.

Take advantage of times when the entire team or company are gathered together to show praise! Weekly meetings can include shout-outs to high-performing employees. Holiday parties and regular get-togethers help your team build rapport in a setting outside their normal work day.

Initiate an employee-of-the-month program and publicize it. If you’re in a seasonal business, gift cards or a day off after the completion of the peak period is a great way to say thank you as well.

2. Offer benefits your employees want.

Your benefits should at least equal what companies comparable to you are offering. But one way to build a culture that employees love is to top those benefits. You can do that in two ways: offer more generous benefits or offer benefits that employees are known to love – and that other employers in your area might not be doing.

Among the more-common benefits, health insurance, retirement benefits like a 401(k), vacation time and paid family leave are almost universally appreciated. For employees who commute a long way to work, transportation reimbursements or credits are a tremendous benefit. There are also many benefits that are highly popular with employees, especially Millennials, that not all employees offer. These include flex time, the ability to work from home at least part of the time, wellness benefits and free snacks and beverages.

3. Develop an employee referral program.

While some of the ways to build a culture your staff loves come from specific activities, you need to have the right people who will contribute to that culture. One of the best ways to ensure teams with strong culture is to recruit candidates who already know people on those teams. That includes shared values and similar a similar work ethic, and it leads to excellent culture fit.

How do you recruit people who fit with other people on the team? One method is an employee referral program. Develop a program by offering a benefit to current employees who refer candidates that make the cut and become successful employees. Be sure to publicize the program so employees know of it.

Find the Right Employees in Northern Nevada for Your Company Culture

The Applied Companies’ staffing team will help you find the right employees in northern Nevada to complement your company culture and help it grow. Learn more about how our HR and benefits specialists in Reno can help your business grow from a culture perspective.

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