Connecting Employers & Top-Level Candidates

Executive Search Recruitment Solutions

At TAC, our genuine focus is on people and doing what's right for them. It's what makes us one of the best staffing agencies Reno has to offer locally & even nationwide. Our trained professionals offer in depth knowledge of the workforce and landscape of modern day executive search and recruitment. We work diligently to source, screen, and interview future employees through our expertly trained human resource consultants

Customized Strategies & Support

Candidates Looking for a Position

We connect great people with great companies. Our executive search consultants and recruiters work with C-suite and other experienced candidates to match them with their ideal position. Whether you're passively searching for your next job, or actively interviewing, TAC as one of the best staffing agencies Reno has to offer, can streamline communications to showcase the best of both company and applicant. Whether it’s freshening up your resumé or polishing your interview skills, we want you to succeed. Our recruiters are experienced in helping you expertly navigate the critical steps within the current employment search landscape. Not every company is going to be right for you, which is why TAC works hard to find several options that complement your strengths and expertise. We’ll help you find the right position, the right culture, and a work environment where you can thrive through our expert human resource consultants. For candidates looking for their perfect job, TAC offers services including:

  • Resume coaching
  • Interview coaching
  • Same day communication
  • 100% confidentiality
  • Warm introductions to employers
  • Skills matching
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Finding candidates for hard-to-fill positions

Employers Looking to Hire

The Applied Companies' executive search solutions help to attract the best leadership talent for your company. We use specialized systems to locate and screen qualified candidates that meet or exceed the criteria your team requires. Our highly skilled executive recruiters take the time to understand your product offerings and your company culture, then apply modern recruiting practices to reach out to leaders actively and passively seeking roles. We offer custom strategies for each of our clients’ requirements, and we guarantee our work. We enjoy being able to work with businesses across a wide range of categories, recommending top-level candidates in their industry. As a business owner and entrepreneur, you know that hiring and retaining leaders is a large investment in time and money. At TAC, people are our business and we’re committed to helping you make the most out of your investment as a premiere staffing agency Reno with some of the best human resource consultants. TAC offers these services to ensure you get exactly that:

  • Advertising open positions
  • Sourcing active and passive job seekers
  • Identifying nationwide candidates
  • Screening qualified individuals
  • Conducting thorough interviews
  • Providing same day communication
  • Assisting with negotiations and offer letters
  • Applying industry expertise
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