June 21, 2023

How PEO HR Companies Drive Growth: Applied Companies’ Solutions

When it comes to running a business, especially in the thriving economy of Reno, NV, effective Human Resource (HR) management can make all the difference. As your business expands, so does the complexity of HR tasks - from payroll processing, benefits enrollment, compliance issues, to even managing company culture. But what if you could delegate these daunting tasks to a reliable partner, allowing you more time to focus on strategic growth? Meet The Applied Companies (TAC), a trusted Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that offers customizable HR solutions tailored for your business needs.

TAC: Your One-Stop HR Solution in Reno

At TAC, we provide a comprehensive range of HR solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses in Reno. Our services extend beyond just payroll and benefits management. We ensure seamless HR issue processing, compliance, and risk management solutions - all under one roof. With our assistance, businesses can mitigate risks, meet their goals more efficiently, and foster a more productive work environment.

The PEO Advantage: Accelerate Your Business Growth

Choosing to partner with a PEO like TAC is a strategic business decision. Research suggests that companies collaborating with a PEO grow 7-9% faster, experience 10-14% lower employee turnover, and are 50% less likely to go out of business. By leveraging TAC's expertise in HR solutions, you can focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth while ensuring your employees are well-taken care of.

Solving Your HR Pain Points

TAC's HR solutions are designed to address the common pain points in HR management. Our platform offers a robust recruitment and onboarding system that includes background check results uploading, setting you apart from the competition. With our dedicated HR consulting team, we can assist you in implementing performance reviews and setting clear guidelines to manage employee turnover and boost productivity.

Moreover, TAC provides state-of-the-art HRIS software for document storage, ensuring total compliance. Our web-based payroll system, fully-integrated time clock, and designated payroll partner ensure seamless record-keeping and payroll processing. And when it comes to benefits, our competitive packages cover medical, dental, vision, and more. Our multiple employer 401k plans and workers' comp plans are tailored to meet your company's specific needs.

Additionally, we provide managerial trainings and support to help build an excellent workplace culture. TAC works directly with your employees to assist with life events, conflicts, and morale-boosting initiatives.

Two woman utilizing PEO HR services

Customized HR Solutions to Fit Your Needs

TAC offers three types of customizable HR solutions: Payroll & Compliance, HR Only, and HR & Payroll. We understand that every business has unique requirements. Whether you only need assistance with payroll, or require a complete HR management solution, TAC has got you covered.

Benefits of TAC's HR & Payroll Services

By choosing TAC's HR and Payroll services, you gain access to a host of benefits. We manage everything from employee onboarding, custom handbooks, custom job descriptions, HR training, hiring and termination assistance, and much more. Our direct deposit and pay card options, along with payroll software, make payroll management a breeze.

Premier Employer Benefits with TAC

Our benefits solutions ensure your business and employees have access to a robust benefits plan. From plan design and management, insurance carrier analysis, leave and disability administration, HIPAA compliance, and more, we handle it all.

Quality Risk Management for Your Peace of Mind

TAC's risk management tools include workers’ compensation plan administration, safety compliance assistance, unemployment administration, and pre-employment screening tests. These services are designed to mitigate risks, providing a secure business environment as you strive for success.

In conclusion, navigating the complexities of HR management can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. With TAC as your HR solutions partner, you can focus on what matters most - growing your business. Let us handle your HR solutions, so you can spend more time shaping the future of your company. Start today with TAC, your dedicated partner in business growth in Northern Nevada.

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