April 22, 2019

Improve Productivity by Cleaning Your Workspace

improve productivity by cleaning your workspaceSpring cleaning isn’t just something you do at home.  It’s also a great idea at work.  Investing the time to keep your workspace clean goes a long way! An organized workspace helps you get organized, creates a safe work environment and increases productivity.

Maintaining a clean workspace on the job might seem like a large endeavor, but with regular attention, it doesn’t have to be. How can you invest your time to create an organized, efficient workspace around you?

Improve Productivity 

We all have favorite items that we keep around during the work day, but take the time to assess what is truly needed and what things get in the way. Move rarely-used items and trinkets to a drawer or file cabinet. If you have too many distractions on your desk, they can take your attention away from your work and make that to-do list take a lot longer than it could.

One of the biggest reasons for workspace disorganization is you’re trying to do too many things at once. Utilize a to-do list to plan your top priorities for the day, and place only the material you need for those goals on your desk. When your workspace is organized and free of distractions, you’re able to get more quality time out of your work day.

Clean Your Space to Avoid Health Hazards

Depending on the work you’re performing, a messy or unorganized workspace can become a safety hazard. Even at your office desk, dust, germs and bacteria can lead to illness and keep you from performing at your maximum capacity. In a warehouse or manufacturing setting, clutter and spills can become dangerous hazards for those around you.

Make a Positive Contribution to Your Company Culture

Many companies place a large emphasis on their internal culture in their efforts to attract top talent. Can your dirty, unorganized workspace actually impact the culture and mood in your office? Beyond the extra time certain tasks take without organization systems, 64 percent of employees believe an unclean workspace negatively impacts their well-being at work.

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