April 2, 2019

Three Ways to Nurture Your Long Term Career Growth

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Spring is the season where nature returns to full bloom after a long winter. It’s a season of renewal and a chance to plant the foundation for growth in the months to come.

Since spring is a time of new beginnings, you might feel energized to search for new opportunities and land a new high-paying job in Reno. Before heading out on the job hunt, however, it’s important to lay down roots and make sure you have a direction for long term career growth.

Think About Why You’re Making a Career Change

When you’ve made the decision to go out on the job hunt, it usually comes down to one or two reasons. Many candidates are looking for a new position that offers professional growth, increased responsibility or a better salary, or they may just want a new challenge at work. Life changes can also spur a search for new jobs – getting married or having kids, moving to a new area or even something as small as looking for a shorter commute.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that, on average, Americans born between 1957 and 1964 held 11 to 12 jobs between ages 18 and 50. When you’re making one of those career changes, make sure you know your “why.” Identifying the factors you’re looking for out of a new job will help you focus and tailor your job search.

Consider Growing Your Skill Set

If you are looking for a new job that offers a step up in your career path, do you currently have the skills needed to earn a promotion or a higher pay? Regardless of where you’re at in your career, investing time in ongoing training and professional development goes a long way.

What’s one of the biggest contributors to the increased need for retraining? New technology affects job seekers in the skilled trades, administrative positions, accounting and many more. Employers are looking for candidates with the knowledge and technical skills required to fill more specific positions.

What can job seekers do to grow their skills?

Make sure you’re staying up-to-date with the latest innovations in your field to get ahead of the curve when it’s time to switch jobs.

Expand Your Network Regularly

The connections you’ve built in past positions and your family and friends can all help you as you look for new opportunities in northern Nevada. Whether they have a connection they can introduce you to at a company or a leader in your industry you can learn from, your connections are an invaluable part of your job search.

Social media can be an asset for building your professional network. Use sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share your expertise and follow companies you’d like to work with and people you want to learn from. You’re likely spending a lot of time on social media already – use that time to spark your job search!

Nurture Your Long Term Career Growth in Northern Nevada

Remember, the work you do before setting out on the job hunt pays off in the long run! Make sure you have a solid plan for career growth and focus your efforts on finding jobs that will truly grow your career.

Ready to put yourself out there? Apply for new jobs in Reno and across northern Nevada with The Applied Companies today!

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