March 25, 2019

3 Ways a Recruiting Agency Helps Fast-Track the Hiring Process

Three Ways a Recruiting Agency Helps Fast-Track Your Hiring Process

The recruiting and hiring process can be time-intensive and require days and weeks of reviewing applications, scheduling interviews, performing background checks and much more. Your managers may end up becoming bogged down and fall behind in their day-to-day tasks if they have too much to deal with juggling their primary business and a hiring process.

If positions aren’t filled, company productivity may diminish as well. If a hire doesn’t work out, then the whole process needs to start over again. What can hiring managers do speed up the process, focus internally on their core business and find the right people for their hiring needs?

Finding a recruiting partner in northern Nevada can help streamline the tasks that stretch out the hiring process. If your team needs to find quality candidates faster, reduce the burden on your internal staff. Working with a recruiting agency helps ensure better hires and gives your team a partner who will reduce time-to-hire and increase the quality of applicants you meet.

1. Knowledge of Local Markets and Industries

Working with a local recruiting agency means you are working with a partner in the recruiting process who builds deep relationships with local businesses to understand their needs. A local recruiting partner has a feel for the pulse of your market every day, as opposed to a company with a national focus who may occasionally fill positions in your area.

Recruiters in your area also have access to information that can help you build better job descriptions. Not only will this help you focus on the skills needed for the job, the right job description – tailored to the candidates in that area – will help you find the best people for the job quicker.

A staffing agency focused on northern Nevada also focuses their efforts on building rich talent pools within the region. If your business is new to the area or you need to find a specialized skill set, building a relationship with a recruiting partner goes a long way.

2. Assistance with Advertising and Posting Jobs

Your recruiting agency will handle the heavy lifting when it comes to the administrative work that goes into posting jobs and advertising them. Whether through online postings and promotions or setting up career fairs and hiring events, your recruiting partner will help you find the best way to attract top candidates before you get your first resume. Their local expertise will also be an asset in determining which promotional tactics will work best to find the candidates you are looking for.

3. Pre-Qualifying Interviewees

Between scheduling, preparation, meeting and following up, interviews with candidates are perhaps the most time-intensive part of the hiring process. They can especially be a drain on managerial time if multiple rounds of interviews are required. Interviews are critical and really the heart of the process, so focus your interview time on the best candidates available.

When working with a recruiting agency, you can lean on their industry expertise to screen potential interviewees before you meet the candidate. That way, you can spend more time meeting with the most-qualified applicants.

Find Your Recruiting Partner in Northern Nevada

Let a staffing partner help your business today, by making the hiring process quicker, more targeted, and more convenient. The Applied Companies is here to help! Learn how we can contribute to your growth in Nevada with personalized staffing solutions that work for your business.

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