February 8, 2019

Find Out What Salary You’re Worth in the Job Market

the applied companies find out what salary you're worth

Knowing what competitive salaries look like in your region and industry can help you negotiate during the interview and hiring process. Do you ever wonder if you’re getting the salary that you’re worth? Or do you sometimes think that you may not be, but don’t know how to find out?

Usually, employers have a salary range in mind depending on your skills, experience, and length of time in similar positions. Knowing what you’re worth can help you negotiate to the upper end of the range.

So how do you find out salary information for positions like yours – or the one you’re working towards? Here are three tips to find out what salary you're worth in the job market.

Utilize Online Resources

Whenever you are starting a new project or initiative, it’s important to start with your goals in mind. How can you set goals when it comes to salary data for positions in your industry?

Some websites are good sources to look at for salaries. Glassdoor.com, for example, gives a range of salaries for some companies and positions. Salary.com provides salaries for specific titles in specific areas, and you can search by zip code. Indeed is another resource to add to the mix when considering average salaries across jobs and across regions.

By comparing salaries of professionals in your area with similar job titles and experiences, you can gain a better idea of what you’re worth before you get into a negotiation.

Review Current Openings

Some job postings specify the wages they are offering, so surfing the web for job postings can help you find some information. Not all employers do specify the wages for a particular job, though, and they are not required to do so.

Even if you’re not looking for jobs right now, how can you benefit from reviewing current job openings? By seeing jobs that are currently posted in your area, and comparing them with salary data, you can get a better idea not just for what you are worth right now, but what salary you could make in the job you’re building towards in your career.

Determine Your Salary with an Executive Recruiter

Working with an executive recruiter in an agency can help represent you to employees and ensure that you are being paid what you’re worth. Recruiters at agencies have relationships with a wide number of employers, giving them insight into market rates and the big picture for specific positions in their area. Working with an executive recruiter puts their knowledge to work for you.

Because of their relationships with employers, executive recruiters are positioned to know who’s looking for candidates like you, including positions that may not be yet posted to the general public. This way, you not only increase your chances of being paid what you’re worth, you increase the chances that you will find a job more to your liking.

The Applied Companies' executive search team in Reno is ready to help you take the next step in your career across northern Nevada. Contact us today to start your search.

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