January 29, 2019

What Options Can Federal Employees Consider in a Furlough?

the applied companies work options for furloughed federal employees

The United States Government was recently locked in the longest shutdown in our country’s history, with wide-ranging consequences. While this development had negative effects on government agencies, services and the economy as a whole, hundreds of thousands of federal employees across the country are feeling the pain personally.

If you were living paycheck to paycheck during the shutdown, you may now be struggling to make ends meet or even put food on the table. In the event of another government shutdown, what can furloughed federal employees do to avoid financial issues?

There Are Options for Furloughed Federal Employees

You may find that many companies are willing to work with you on meeting payment obligations and may even offer free goods and services to furloughed employees, but what if you really need to earn some money fast?

Consider Temporary Employment

Some employers may worry you’ll be called back to work as soon as they’ve got you screened and placed and ready to work. They may be receptive to more creative solutions.

Even when a furlough is lifted, you could be playing financial catchup for a while. Employers may be able to offer flexibility on shifts, for example. If you and the employer can reach an agreement, you might be able to find second-shift work while you return to government work and get caught up on your bills.

Your Skills Are Valued and Needed

Employers know that government employees are hard-working individuals with a wide range of skills and many of them will be eager to use your talents as long as you are available.

Federal employees aren’t the only ones feeling the pinch. Without federal employees, many small businesses are also suffering -- restaurants, coffee shops, stores in the areas that furloughed employees frequent. The effects are wide-ranging, and in the event of a future shutdown, it pays to have a plan in place.

Staffing Firms in Nevada Can Help Federal Employees in a Furlough Situation

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