December 4, 2018

Five Simple Interview Tips That Will Help You Land the Job

the applied companies simple interview tips

Everyone approaches an interview with some level of anxiety and worry about whether they will get the job or not. Making a good first impression is key, so managing the start of the interview with confidence and carrying that throughout the hiring process goes a long way.

What can you do as an interviewee to prepare for success and land your next job?

Research the Company

Don’t go into the interview without knowing some specifics about the company. Many companies carry their history and mission on their website, along with recent news. Search for news from external sources about the company as well – events that have been announced recently are good interview fodder.

What you want to do is find some way current events or company news relates to the position you’re applying for and how you could make a positive impact. It shows interest both in your position and in the company. For example, if you’re applying as a warehouse supervisor and see a news item that the company is rolling out a new product next year, ask about whether that will impact logistics at the warehouse.

Take a Practice Interview

Only part of an interview is what is said. A large part of the interviewer’s perception of you is based on observing your body language and other tendencies. If you sit too close, for example, it could be interpreted as a sign that you have boundary issues. If you cross your arm over your chest, it could be viewed as hostile.

How you respond to interview questions is also part of the feedback. If you answer very briefly, or simply with a yes or no, the interviewer might be tempted to hire someone who is more forthcoming and prepared with detailed answers about their past experiences.

It’s a good idea to set up a practice interview with friends or family. Have them ask you questions, and then answer as if you were in an interview. They can observe your body language and interview tendencies and give you pointers. Don’t have anyone around to help? Set up the camera on your cell phone to record video and sit in front of a camera describing your past experiences. You can use that footage to review both what you say and what body language you use, and observe what needs to change.

Be Punctual

If an interview is scheduled for 10 a.m., walking into the company doors at 10 isn’t on time! It’s late by interview standards. Interviewees should arrive for an interview ahead of time. Cutting it close on time is an easy way to increase your anxiety, while arriving early is an easy way to show your potential boss how seriously you take your work.

It’s a good idea to map out your route before. Drive it at the same time you will need to for the interview, so you get a sense of any road construction or traffic delays. Then, be sure to allow for them on interview day.

Develop Rapport with the Interviewer

Try to develop a connection with the interviewer over a similar interest, experience or a mutual acquaintance. You want to seem friendly and relatable. Remember their name.

If you see any personal items in the office that you can honestly relate to, mention it. Do they have a sports team’s poster and it’s the same team you like? Mention their current performance. You want the interviewer to have a way to remember you that is positive.

Prepare Great Questions to Ask

Most interviews end with a question that invites more: “Do you have any questions?” Come prepared with questions to ask, and never say “no.” The questions should relate to the company or your specific job.

You might ask, for example, what the top quality is that people in the job should have. First, the answer gives you insight into the job. Second, once you know, you can make it clear that you have the quality. So if the top quality is “resilience,” come up with an anecdote about persevering through a hard time at work.

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