October 16, 2018

Five Ways to Get in the Door for Your Dream Job

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Have you ever been looking at job postings and find yourself looking at your dream job? It’s the kind of work you want, or the company has a mission you totally want to contribute to, or you’ve heard it’s one of the best in town to work for — or all three. But then, you realize the skills and qualifications listed don’t seem like a perfect match with your skills and qualifications.

Do you give up and wave your dream job goodbye? No! One of the most important facts to know about the hiring process is the long lists of skills and qualifications found in many job postings are wish lists. Companies are aware they may not find candidates that entirely fulfill all of them. As long you meet important criteria in the posting, you can apply and make the case for your dream job becoming yours.

Here are five ways to get your foot in the door for an interview.

Focus on Your Transferable Skills

What if your dream job is being a project manager, but you’ve never held a job with that title? The fact is, many jobs use project management skills. Project managers ensure tasks are assigned, budgeted and running smoothly. You may have worked in an ice-cream parlor during college and were responsible for putting together the weekly schedule. That was project management.

The way to get your foot in the door is to focus on those transferable skills. On your resume, mention your job at the ice-cream parlor included scheduling and making sure all the staff was available. Focus on the skills, not title or place of employment.

Complete a Pre-Interview Project

Many a person has landed their dream job by showing their skills in a project that may not be associated with a paying position. If you want to become a project manager, for example, but your current role doesn’t provide much opportunity, see if you can volunteer with a nonprofit that needs a project manager. Many nonprofits need volunteers for a wide variety of roles.

Once you gain experience, you have a project you can highlight and speak to during the interview process. That increases your chance of landing your dream job.

Find a Direct Connection at the Company

While job seekers are well within their rights to apply for positions where they don’t meet every requirement, there is a risk in doing so. Many companies have automated systems that are set up to kick out resumes that don’t meet the requirements of the posting. At the end of the day, a hiring manager might never see your resume if you don’t have certain skills listed on it.

A direct connection at the company, though, can hand deliver your resume and cover letter. Use LinkedIn to find out if you know anyone who works at the company.

Sell Your Value in the Cover Letter

If you think you could make a significant contribution to the company, the place to say it is the cover letter. Did your ice-cream parlor scheduling result in a much more smoothly running operation? Then tell the company how you have the ability to streamline operations and eliminate bumps in the road.

Show Your Enthusiasm

Companies love enthusiastic employees! Why? Because enthusiasm can be a bedrock for excellent employees who are engaged and loyal. Most hard skills can be taught. Enthusiasm can’t be.

Express enthusiasm for the position and the company in both your cover letter and interview. If you are able to effectively showcase your skills and passion, it makes you much more likely to stand out in the hiring process. Contact The Applied Companies today to start your search for the job that’s right for you.

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