October 2, 2018

Five Steps to Get the Promotion You’ve Been Chasing

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Promotions are good things. You’ll have more authority, a greater chance for even more authority down the line, and increased compensation. If you want a promotion, though, you need to take specific steps to obtain one. Promotions are given more often to those who’ve planned for them than those who’ve passively waited.

Here are five steps you can use to earn your next promotion.

1. Plan for Career Development

Don’t wait to be tapped by your boss. In today’s world, you need to plan for your own career development. First, think where you’d like to be. What skills and experience are needed to get there?

Second, analyze your existing skills and experience. Is there something you need but don’t currently have? Do you need team leadership experience, for example? Analyze where you might get the experience. Can you ask your boss to give you some opportunities? Can you volunteer at a local organization if opportunities aren’t available where you work?

Third, suss out what your manager’s goals are. Many people are promoted because they’ve contributed toward the completion of a manager’s goals or the solving of a manager’s most compelling challenges. To be optimally successful, your promotional goals should dovetail with your manager’s goals.

2. Solicit Consistent Feedback

As important as it is to plan for career development, don’t do the plan entirely alone. Identify people who have jobs similar to what you want. Then, get feedback from them.

Invite them for coffee or to lunch. Ask them what they did that was helpful in obtaining the position they have. Elicit any suggestions they may have for moving toward the promotion you want.

3. Skate to Where the Puck Is

The expression “skate to where the puck is,” plays well in this instance. A player can’t make a play with the puck if they’re not ready to be in the right position at the right time. In business terms, it means you’re unlikely to be promoted if you’re not taking strides within your current role to prepare for that next role.

In other words, demonstrate the skills you’d need in the role you hope to be promoted to. Show leadership in whatever position or team you’re in. Don’t expect to work at one set of tasks and be promoted automatically into another.

4. Express Yourself

Don’t assume other people are thinking about your promotional path. They may not be. Even supervisors tend to think about their own needs more than they think about the needs of their staff.

Be vocal about your desire for a promotion, so you are sure people know about it.

If you see a way to complete tasks or processes better, express that as well. You need to let people know, explain how it would be beneficial, and make sure they are identified with you.

5. Work As If You’re in the Job You Want

One of the great business truisms is you have to perform as if you already have a job you want — before you’re actually in it.

Many people who are promoted have been doing the job before they officially get the title, either in part or completely. Be sure to step up to the plate if you’re asked to do things that would lead to promotion.

Be sure to dress the part as well. Employers need to be able to visualize you in a position before they’ll promote you.

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