September 18, 2018

How Can You Find Great Millennial Candidates?

the applied companies hiring millennial candidates

The Millennial generation, which covers many young employees today, currently accounts for about one-third of the U.S. workforce. Chances are any position you’re looking to fill is going to include Millennials as part of the applicant pool, especially in a low unemployment economy.

Can you find top Millennial workers to fill your open positions? Sure, but you need to know that Millennials bring different behaviors and mindsets to the table than their generational predecessors like the Baby Boomers and Generation X. Many common Millennial traits make them a good fit for your organization, offering a different perspective and work style.

Here’s how to appeal to great Millennial workers when searching for candidates.

1. Show Your Millennial Candidates a Plan for Growth

Millennials have grown up in a world in which lifetime employment may be a thing of the past. Many were young adults during the Great Recession of 2008-2009, and the poor economic times affected their ability to get jobs, be promoted and save money.

With fewer long-term benefits to stay with the same company for decades, Millennials are more likely to seek out new opportunities if they feel they need something professionally that their current job does not offer. As a result, Millennials like to see a plan in place for their employment. They will appreciate hearing about potential promotional paths or opportunities to learn new skills.

2. Foster Work-Life Balance

Millennials value work-life balance more than many of their older counterparts in the workplace. While they will work hard – often willing to work non-traditional hours for the chance at advancement opportunities – their life outside of work is still very important to them. They will appreciate a company that supports work-life balance.

They have also come of age in an era where technology enables flexible work patterns. If your company offers flexible scheduling or remote work, it’s a very good way to attract Millennials.

3. Promote Engagement

Millennials also like to have a great, engaging experience throughout the work day. They like congenial workplaces where coworkers go out for happy hours and celebrate birthdays. They like to know the people they work with well, and they want to have an enjoyable experience in the 40 hours (or more) they put in at work every week.

You’ll attract Millennial workers if you promote engagement. A workplace that sponsors happy hours and a monthly birthday celebration for everyone born in that month will be greatly appreciated.

4. Screen for Communication Skills

The hiring process can also let you know how your Millennial candidates prefer to communicate. Internal communication goes hand in hand with engagement at work, as many Millennial workers like to stay connected with their team members throughout the day. Depending on the work they are doing, they may have more face-to-face interaction or they could be communicating via email or phone, and you need to know what forms of communication work best for your Millennial candidates.

Do they communicate well in the cover letter, resume and any e-mail or telephone conversations? Do they present well during the interview with focused yet relaxed communication? Do they convey relevant background and skills during the course of the interview? All of these questions can be answered quickly throughout the hiring process.

Looking for help finding great Millennial talent in northern Nevada? Contact the staffing team at The Applied Companies today!

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