September 4, 2018

Find Your Advantage in the Talent War with Redeployment

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If you’ve found a great employee for a temporary position, are you working to keep them in your organization, or are you moving on to the next person from the applicant pool? Utilizing your past temporary employees, maintaining a relationship with them and connecting them with new opportunities in your organization is often referred to as redeployment.

Curious about how redeployment can benefit your team?

A Chance to See Employees in Action

When your company hires temporary workers, they benefit you in multiple ways. First, of course, you gain the productivity and number of employees you need to do the work in a given time frame.

Hiring temporary workers gives you a chance to see employees in action without making a full-time hiring decision. You can get a clear sense of whether they are good at the work on not. You find out whether they are punctual and reliable. You can gauge their fit for your corporate culture. You know their personality.

The chance to try out potential employees is one of the main reasons that employers have long used temporary workers. Those that make a great impression in a temporary role often receive consideration as a direct hire.

Redeployment Benefits Both Employers and Temporary Employees

Employers should know that redeployment rather than permanent hiring is also an excellent strategy. Redeployment refers to finding new opportunities for your temporary workers after their first opportunity finishes.

Redeployment allows a company to fill a new position with a known quantity rather than re-entering the open talent market to source someone new. If a temporary worker does excellent work, is reliable and fits into the company culture, it makes sense to help this person find new employment after their current opportunity ends.

It’s a good idea to have a strategy to measure the quality of work, so that promising temporary employees can be identified early on as candidates for redeployment.

There are also contemporary concerns expressed about the status of employees who spend lengthy periods of time as temporary workers. Perhaps the concern is that length of time might be perceived as constituting permanent employment with the company. In that case, clear and open communication about the status of the temporary employees is needed.

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