How to Showcase Your Work Ethic and Personality in the Job Hunt

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When you are applying for a new position, you could be going up against tens of other people – maybe even hundreds. How can you differentiate yourself from all of those other applicants?

Because resumes can come across as a dry list of past positions, especially to someone who’s been reading a bunch of resumes, find new ways to show employers what you’re really like as a professional! Use both your cover letter and interview to show your personality and describe what you’re like at work.

While many companies screen resumes using an automated method, there is usually a person reading cover letters. So never skip cover letters when you’re applying for a job! The cover letter is a way to get someone interested enough in you to call you in for an interview. The interview is your chance to get the job.

Let Your Personality Show in the Cover Letter

Although cover letters need to be professional in tone, you can also let your personality shine through.

The cover letter is a chance to let an organization know why you want to work there.

Did your uncle also work for the company, for example? Many organizations are interested in the personal connections new hires have with past employees, because it indicates good fit. Do you think they make the best products in the industry? Tell them that in the cover letter, and why.

Then, you need to choose one or two examples that show your work ethic and qualifications. This isn’t just mentioning the same hard and soft skills you highlight in your resume. It’s making those skills come to life.

How do you make them come to life? Say specifically what results you achieved, using numbers.

So if you were responsible for training new hires, for example, find out how much new hires increased productivity. If it’s 15%, put a paragraph in your cover letter that mentions that you trained new hires that were responsible for a 15% boost in productivity.

Prepare for Common Interview Questions

The interview is also a time, of course, to show your personality. If you mentioned a specific connection to the company in your cover letter and the interviewers ask about, say more.

Be as comfortable and relaxed as you can be in the interview. Remember, you want to come across as someone it would be nice to work with. Don’t, however, be overly friendly or familiar with the interviewers. Remember that it’s a professional situation, and that they are evaluating you.

The interview is prime time to show how you work. Develop two to three examples of past achievements, with numbers. Were you called upon to learn new equipment? Say how much you contributed to results as a result.

Give examples of your work ethic as well. Did you travel in the snow to open an office early in the morning? Mention that. Have you recently won an award for great attendance or being part of a productive team? Develop a way to mention any awards or praise that shows a good work ethic, even if you aren’t specifically asked.

Showcase Who You Are to Find a Great Job in Reno

Remember, demonstrating your personality and how you work in a cover letter is a way to win an interview. Elaborating on both areas in the interview is a way to win the job. Looking for help on your job search? Contact The Applied Companies today.