May 1, 2017

8 Ways to Stay Energized

It's May Day, the weather is nice, and you're feeling lethargic as the 2 p.m. slump hits.

You may be in your cubicle at your desk. You may have had too many cups of coffee today. You may be in a conference meeting trying to stay awake.

How do you stay alert, refreshed, energized, and active when you work in an office setting?

Let us tell you.

1. Standing Desk

If you're company offers standing desks, take it! It's a great way to avoid the seated slump we have all fallen victim to. Not an option? Consider standing every hour or taking a lap around the office every once and awhile. It does wonders!

2. Set a Timer

Take number one a step further and set a timer. Make sure you are moving or standing every hour. In addition, there are many apps like this one that remind you when it is time to stand or move.

3. Meditate (Just Take a Break)

You don't actually have to meditate (unless you want to), but simply taking 10 minutes every day to relax and step away from your computer will help you to stay refreshed and come back with more creative ideas. Consider this app to help you clear your mind for just 10 minutes a day.

4. Take a Walk

At TAC, we have a walking group that takes off in the morning and afternoon for a walk a little less than a mile. This is a great way to encompass all things previously mentioned and get out with your co-workers to MOVE.

5. Get a Workout Buddy

If possible, find a colleague that wants to work out with you! Maybe you can meet up before work, go for a run at lunch, or change straight into your gym clothes after work... having an accountability partner at the office helps immensely with follow through.

6. Healthy Snacks

Have you ever worked until you are so hungry that all you can think is to run to the nearest drive through? #Same. Keep healthy snacks such as almonds, dried fruit, or healthy meals in the fridge in the break room so you never have an excuse to go for the energy-sucking, "easy" foods.

7. Tell Your Co-workers.

Trying to be healthier? Trying to simply feel better? Tell the people around you. That way, they'll ask you why you're not working out at lunch or why you're sitting in your chair for 8 straight hours.


As always, remember to get the amount of sleep you feel you need to perform at your best, 7-9 hours is generally recommended.


Happy May, and happy healthy work-life!

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