February 4, 2016

Millennials in the Workplace: What We Really Need To Talk About

By Anastasia Warren, Marketing Manager


I've recently noticed the amount of people in the world pointing out problems.

Yes, this is needed.

We need to understand the root of the problems we as a society face. We need to identify pain points and different issues.

What I wish I saw more of, are solutions. Discussions about solutions, ideas for solutions.

We often get so bogged down in the problems themselves, that we forget to work together to find an answer — to solve them.

This applies to many things going on in the world right now, but today, I want to talk about the simple topic of millennials in the workplace.

Say "ay" if you have seen an article this week about millennials changing the workplace.


There is a constant struggle between: are millennials doing good things for the workplace? Or are they entitled and, well, too progressive?

Here's the thing. There is no answer. Millennials are people. Some people are entitled and some people do good things. Some people like Oreos, and some people like Chips Ahoy.

That's how the world works.

That's how people work.

Millennials are bringing new, radical ideas into different businesses. Gen X-ers are resisting change.

These are the problems we hear about.

Well, here's a solution.


Listen to each other, and work with each other.

The problem, like with most conflicts in life, is that each side thinks they are 100 percent correct (you're hardly ever 100 percent correct in these types of situations — just by the way).

As CEO of The Applied Companies Jim Annis says, "there can be more than one answer to a question and it does not have to be yours."

There is almost always room for improvement and growth. Almost always.

And we, every generation, needs to not be naive in thinking that we know it all.

I am lucky enough to be 23 and employed in a management position at a company that has been alive and well for over ten years.

Did I come in and start changing things? Yes I did.

And did I also come in respecting the foundation, the knowledge, and the processes of the already existing business (the Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers)? Absolutely I did.

I am lucky enough to work side by side with a CEO, COO, and management team that are willing to hear my ideas and make changes for the better.

And more importantly, I am lucky enough to work with these same people that have so much knowledge and wisdom in the business world, that I am I able to learn each and every day.

It has to be a give and take. Millennials need to respect the foundation and experience of Gen X-ers, and Gen X-ers need to be open to new ideas.

Change needs to happen slowly, and people need to smile over coffee at work more.

Collaboration needs to happen.

That's my solution.

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