December 23, 2015

How does Santa do it?

By Jim Annis, CEO

When we think about how Santa accomplishes all that he needs to, there is only one true answer: It's his wife. Somebody has to run the place while he's gallivanting around the world. Therefore, we decided to have some fun and create a parable in the form of a poem about how Santa – the CEO of the North Pole – is like today's CEO in business. Enjoy as this takes the rhythm of "T'was the Night Before Christmas":

T'was the Night Before Christmas and the CEO said,

"I can't get these bright shiny objects out of my head.

"I know my task for tonight is terribly clear,

"But I've jumped ahead visioning about next year!"

Mrs. Claus jumped right in and said, "Now focus, Santa.

"You've presents to deliver from Shanghai to Atlanta.

"Work on those new initiatives when you return,

"Because we've got your back here and we're willing to learn."

Said Santa, “I am so happy with everyone in one central space,

“All working hard to provide a wonderful, fun-filled workplace.

“Now that the North Pole operation is back under one roof

“I’m giddy listening to elf feet and each tender reindeer hoof.”

She said, "Our new management structure's reliable and strong.

"Your delegation's a must and the team's come so far along,

"They've implemented LEAN programs - like Six Sigma but better,

"We're efficient following ‘The Eight Reindeer’ process to the letter."

"It's true," said Santa. "We've all done very good work.

"From the elves to the reindeer, no one is a shirk.

"Let's reward everyone with a great bonus plan,

"And recognize success all year 'cuz we can."

Mrs. Claus said, "Let's add health insurance for the whole bunch.

"The Affordable Healthcare Act has packed quite a punch!

"It's like the holiday fruitcake that no one ever eats,

"The recipe keeps changing and keeping up's quite a feat!"

"Dear, your pack is heavy from high-tech, tweets, posts and blogs,

"Last year it was Tweety, Pokemon and Lincoln Logs!

"Times they are a changing, social media this and that,

"Tradition is important but Santa must be a cool cat!"

"Dear wife," said Santa, "those sweet sleigh bells are ringing.

"Like the Polar Express book when I hear them dinging.

"Saddens me kids grow up, can't hear, stop believing,

"I lead by example, giving not receiving.

"Beliefs drive behaviors, my inner strategist screams.

"To do the right thing daily and not just in dreams.

"So I'll shout from the rooftop, on each house I alight,
"Believe, hear the bells, and to all a good night!!

Jim Annis is president/CEO of The Applied Companies, which provide HR solutions for today’s workplace. Celeste Johnson, Applied's COO, contributed to this article.

Read the article in the RGJ here.

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