November 4, 2015

Good Ol' Suggestion Box

By Anastasia Warren, Marketing Manager


Sometimes, the best solution is something simple, old-fashioned, and proven to work.

The issue of employees feeling comfortable enough to bring light to issues in the workplace is apparent at most companies.

No matter how open your management team or leadership is, some employees will always find it difficult to bring light to their different concerns.

There are multiple ways to solve this issue, but the one that we have found the most useful, is the good ol’ suggestion box.

Having suggestion boxes placed around the office makes it easy for employees to drop an anonymous note regarding a concern they may have. Make sure they are labeled, well-known amongst your employees, and fully stocked with blank paper and pens.

The most important thing here, is to address the concerns. If employees make the effort to express their different issues, it is important to follow-up and take them seriously in order to show employees that you not only care, but that you can be trusted.

Whether that is through a company-wide email or your next all-staff meeting, make sure to address the issues and reiterate that they are all valid.

Welcome to your new, happier office, where open communication is made easy for all personalities.

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