October 20, 2015

Desserts and decorations… and something else

By Funmi Sheddy


It’s only October… yet you’ve probably already seen holiday décor at the local store, and if you haven’t – it’s coming soon.

So, is it too early to start preparing for the fall and winter holidays?

In my opinion, no.

Now, I don’t mean preparation in the traditional sense – wish lists, holiday recipes, and the like...

Or maybe I do – but not only for the purpose of blessing you, your close friends, and treasured family – but also with the goal of gifting people you’ve never met.

Perhaps you as an individual – or you as a workplace – would like to start preparing to fulfill the wish list of a child in need, a homeless shelter, or an animal rescue organization.

Perhaps you are just in time to organize a toy drive for the little ones in a child abuse shelter.

Or perhaps you’d like to facilitate a food drive to benefit the hungry in your community.

I know it can seem a little cliché to do these charitable acts around the holidays.

But so what if it’s cliché?

Think, what harm could it do?

And, what good could it do?

This once-a-year event could be a kick start for something more – for your workplace, and for employees on an individual level. A kick start to a charitable culture, one that strives to help others and give back to the community.

So, why not get together and pull off some charitable event in the coming seasons – big or small?

Here’s to being thankful and making merry!

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