August 12, 2015

4 Ways to Make Today Your Most Productive Day

By Anastasia Warren


Competition is not unfamiliar. The constant expectation to be productive, get results, and remain relevant are prominent in the workplace of today’s society.

We read articles much like this one, explaining different life hacks that will allow you to perform at your best – we set goals and try new things.

So what’s missing?

Although the different articles and methods of maximizing productivity are beneficial, and often times they do prove valuable, simply reading about them isn’t enough.

Here are five ways to make today your most productive day, and I challenge you to walk away from this with not only a few tips, but also with the motivation to act upon them and improve your performance.

  1. Rid of distraction


The hardest part is starting. Put your phone away, logout of social media profiles, turn on your most soothing music, and stop over-anticipating your workload. The amount of time we spend getting lost in mindless tasks adds up to hours and hours of potential productivity.

      2. Make a manageable plan

Prioritize your tasks, go over your pending projects, write down your goals and obligations. Set up a schedule for your day-to-day workload. Use an electronic calendar, buy a physical planner – whatever you need to do. Make sure to not overbook yourself or set unrealistic expectations. It may seem daunting at first, but once everything is written out and set into a manageable time frame, you will feel ready to take on the world.

      3. Get to work

Now, quit reading these articles or staring at your perfectly formed plan, and start working. Activities drive results, and there comes a time when simply performing your tasks and work is more important than prepping for it.

      4. Breathe

Take a walk outside and breathe in the air. You are making efforts to improve your productivity, and you should feel good about that. 

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