July 6, 2015

5 Ways to Kick the Monday Blues

By Anastasia Warren

Your alarm is ringing extra loud as you press snooze for the third time this morning.

Let’s be honest here.

Even if you are someone that lives for your work, who integrates your work and life, or you are a positive go-getter by nature, Mondays can be tough… and that goes for everyone.

Luckily, there are ways to get around this and improve the start of your week, setting the tone for the next five (or so) days. Because the reality is, weeks go by fast – who has the time to not be as productive as possible? Not you.

Feeling a little off on Monday mornings doesn’t make you less of an enthusiastic worker, but giving in to those feelings does. Follow these steps to ensure progress throughout your week and improve your Mondays, for good.

1. Good ‘ol preparation

First, set your weekend off right by spending ten minutes at the end of the day on Friday creating a to-do list for the following week. You’ll leave happier, enjoy your time off more, and walk into Monday morning feeling at least a little bit more in control. Second, get your affairs in order Sunday night. Prep your lunch for the next day, set out your clothes, clean your house – do whatever you need to do in order to have peace of mind as you lay your head down and dream of your quickly approaching work week ahead.

2. Set yourself up for success

How many times last week did you press the snooze button and find yourself rushing to get ready for your commute? You know that having your alarm within an arm’s length from your bed enables you to get those “necessary” extra ten minutes of shut eye. Move your alarm far enough away that you have to fully stand up to turn it off. Don’t get back in bed. Easy as that.

As you use your alarm more and more, it is possible to grow accustomed to the sound as it attempts to wake you up – try changing it up every week to ensure you don’t get too used to it.

3. Press play

You’re in the car and one of your favorite songs comes on the radio. Your day is immediately that much better and a smile spreads across your face. Why not initiate this phenomenon? Create a Monday morning playlist and allow yourself to “jam out” as you get ready for the day.

4. Plan, plan, and plan some more

Get to work a little early Monday morning. Go through your emails, review your to-do list you made on Friday afternoon, and set out your priorities for the day and week ahead. Now, you’re in control, not your Monday morning anxiety.

5. It’s all in your head

Just as easily as you can have a bad day, you can have a good one. Adjust your attitude about Monday mornings. Monday is a chance to get it right, to start fresh, to work toward a new goal. Smile when you get to work, ask your co-workers how they’re doing, work hard and keep busy. Have a happy Monday.

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