June 23, 2015

Giving back in the workplace


Employees today value the ability to give back. 
Having a philanthropic company culture offers benefits for current employees, as well as aids businesses in attracting new ones. According to an article in Inc. Magazine, "giving employees time off to contribute their labor to local causes can also result in meaningful team building and bonding time." 
When recruiting for Gen Y specifically, candidates roughly between 20 and 30 years of age, charitable efforts stand out. A study done by the Intelligence Group suggested that 64 percent of Millennials consider making the world a better place a priority. 
So what can you do?
Consider incorporating a philanthropic program into your business, or simply vow to dedicate a portion of your time to a cause you care about, and encourage employees or co-workers to do the same. This will enhance your business, your employees' work, and it will offer a more rewarding way of living.
The Applied Companies offers it's employees paid time to work at a charity of their choice which leads to a better work environment and more productive, happier employees. 
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