May 1, 2014

Jim Annis’ Guide to Excellent Networking

Jim Annis is President and CEO of The Applied Companies a northern Nevada corporation dedicated to managing the business of employing people. His experiences, as an entrepreneur and sixteen years in the staffing industry, have taught him the value of making contacts and connections. He is a master of networking.

Annis knows quality communication is crucial to success. A powerful networker doesn’t simply collect a fist full of business cards and attend events for the food and drink. You must cast your net and do the work. The following is Jim Annis’ Guide to Excellent Networking:

Visibility – Get involved - be more than a warm body. Being visible should not be confused with “joining.” When you become a member of an organization or association, be fully present and active. What can you bring to the table? You could fill a position on the Board. Pitch in at events. Offer to take responsibility for projects.

Credibility – Be involved with more than $$ signs in your eyes. Membership has to mean something. Understand and commit to the cause. Be professional and ethical in everything you do. Always follow through. Accomplish something for the group – raise money, recruit new members, create or inspire changes when transformation is needed.

Profitability – What does the result of your networking mean? Does it mean increased business like a job order or a candidate referral? Perhaps you are trying to find fulfilling work or an excellent employee? After you find what you were looking for continue to be relentless in your efforts, keep expanding your contact base.

Construction – Build your credibility with social media networking. Create your LinkedIn profile to reflect the outstanding professional you are in your field. Be specific. Background, skills, and talent details show your capability to handle tasks and directions in the corporate arena.


  • Leg Lifts – Get out of the car and walk into the building
  • Arm Extensions -  Shake hands
  • Jaw Flex - Smile
  • The Splits – Split away from the cliques and comfortable groups – meet someone new
  • Drop & Carry – Exchange business cards
  • Arm Curls – Make follow up phone calls and write handwritten notes
  • Cool Down – Analyze what you did and what you need to do at the next event

Written by Susan Fix, The Applied Companies Community Liaison Partner. Fix has worked 17 years in staffing services performing outside sales, recruiting, permanent and temporary placement coordination, career counseling, customer service and social media/business.

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