January 22, 2014

January 2014 HR Brain Teaser

Brain Teaser Courtesy of EPLI Pro™

What Should You Do?

Your best employee, Mary, walks into your office on Monday and announces that she has made the best New Year’s Resolution of all time. Curiosity gets the best of you and you ask, “What is it?” Mary smiles from ear to ear and makes the following announcement, “This year I have resolved to be nice to even the worst of the worst people!” You reply, with a smile, “Sounds great!”

Mary starts walking towards you and places her hand on your shoulder. There is something about the way she is looking at you that makes you worried. Mary begins to speak and your fears are confirmed. Mary begins to tell you, her supervisor, are the worst of the worst. For what seems like forever, Mary tells you all the things you have ever done wrong as her supervisor and as a human being in general. As you listen your blood begins to boil. You can hardly believe what you are hearing!

When Mary finally finishes her monologue, she turns to leave the room.

You should do the following:

A. Pick up your pencil and throw it at her head.

B. Discipline her for being rude.

C. Talk to someone in HR and figure out whether Mary can be fired  -  or at
     least find out what can be done. 

D. Yell back at Mary and tell her all the things she has done wrong.

Answer: C     Hopefully everyone got this one correct! What Mary did was rude and probably not the best career move, but you are a supervisor and you should not respond with anger or pencil throwing violence! Speak with someone in HR and explain what happened and ask for advice. Maybe Mary raised some valid concerns that you should address. Or, maybe Mary is just simply rude and needs to be counseled by HR on how to interact with others at work. In either case, do the right thing and keep your emotions in control.

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