December 3, 2013

In-N-Out Burger Surprise - A Thanksgiving Story

In-N-Out_Burger_sml.jpg2013 Thanksgiving Day may be over, however at Applied Staffing Solutions we try to count our blessings every day of the year. Working with job seekers day in and day out, we see and hear the challenges of people from all walks of life trying to make ends meet. It would be very easy to focus on the negative and allow the stories to color our world bitter grey which would spill over onto our personalities.

This autumn it was business as usual when in walks – let’s call him Ed - who answered an ad for one of our open positions. Ed was having a tough time of it and badly wanted to work. The last thing he needed was “attitude.” Jaimie, our Director of First Impressions, made him feel welcome with her ever-present cheerful grin and willingness to answer questions about our paperwork. Joyce interviewed Ed and offered him immediate temporary employment while waiting for results on the background check that was required for the position he desired.  

From in the door to out the door Ed was so thankful for the staff’s kindness and effort to put him to work that he and his wife drove over to In-N-Out Burger and returned with lunch. Everyone was treated to burgers, fries and drinks. The gesture deeply touched the hearts (and bellies) of the staff.

Joyce summed it up for all of us when she said, “It really means a lot to all of us when we can help someone find employment. To see Ed so happy just makes me want to work even harder to put people to work. I never expected a candidate to buy us burgers, but it sure was nice and certainly made my day!” 

Written by Susan Fix, The Applied Companies Community Liaison Partner. Fix has worked 16 years in staffing services performing outside sales, recruiting, permanent and temporary placement coordination, career counseling, customer service and social media/business.

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