August 7, 2012

The Applied Companies 10th Anniversary Legacy

The locally owned and operated Applied Companies is celebrating its tenth year of business in northern Nevada on August 8, 2012. In honor of this milestone Judy Griggs, Applied Staffing Solutions Senior Staffing Partner and The Applied Companies’ first employee, volunteered to talk about her memories of ten years with the company.

With a big grin on her face Judy recalls her interview with Jim Annis at the Patriot building, “It was July 2002. I stepped out of the heat and into a small office where, as my eyes adjusted from the glare of the sun, I saw Jim sitting behind a cardboard box with a laptop placed on it. There was a single chair for me and no other furniture. The office appeared empty; however Jim’s energy filled the room. His goal ‘to be the best at serving our community with employment opportunities’ spoke to my aspirations. I believed in his dream, was excited and knew I wanted to be a part of his vision. I trusted his leadership so much that I left a secure position making more money and have never looked back.”

With an “insider view” here are four recommendations this decade-long employee offers to start-up or well-established companies:

Live by Your Motto and Make it a Good One

The Applied Companies motto is “What’s the Right Thing to Do?” These are not empty words – every staff person from the top down tries to incorporate doing the right thing into their daily work. “When we treat each other with respect, as well as clients and friends, we build a solid reputation in the community as a company and as individuals.”

Walk the Talk

Every company needs an innovative and visionary leader like Jim. They also need a leader they can trust to lead by example – every time. The “do as I say, not as I do” approach never works and never builds loyalty. “One thing that’s never changed about this company is how we envision people being treated when they walk through the door and that started at the top. We want our atmosphere to feel safe and welcoming. We want everyone treated with respect and dignity. We ask our staff to make an effort to walk the talk, not just our leadership.”

Positivity in Times of Crisis

Judy saw the pause in the company’s steady growth when the economic crisis had nearly every business in Nevada in survival mode. “Jim’s positive outlook, that we would survive and come out stronger, kept me and the staff’s hopes up. There was no question that we have a valuable service and a solid foundation – we tightened our belt and continued to move forward.”


“Leadership here really listens to employees and lets them be part of the growth and success. They are aware the front-line workers know what’s happening on a day-to-day basis. Treat your employees like your most valuable asset and they will reward you with loyalty and production. I plan on this being my last place of work – I can’t imagine being any place else.”

It’s not a fancy building and plush furniture that makes a company’s legacy – it’s the heart.

Written by Susan Fix, The Applied Companies Community Liaison Partner. Fix has worked 15 years in staffing services performing outside sales, recruiting, permanent and temporary placement coordination, career counseling, customer service and social media/business.

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