March 12, 2012

Twas the Week of St. Paddy’s

Twas the week of St. Paddy’s, when all through the state
Nevadan’s were stirring, with the need to feel great.
Gloomy thoughts are finished; it is time to think green
Recession is foiled, as hope springs to the scene.

Tread by tread moving forward, with courage we’re built,
we pick up our pieces and create a new quilt.
Our character fabric smart, savvy and true
is willing and able to find new revenue.

Let’s pool our resources, fresh ideas can be seeded,
streamline procedures, take action as needed.
Efficiency initiatives, all the new buzz,
keep jobs in America, back the way it was.

Green is for growing and reorganization,
prioritize services, use innovation.
Green is money, a local merchant it supports,
buy from the community and give good reports.

Now Reno, now Sparks, now Las Vegas and Carson!
On Fernley, on Fallon, Elko and Henderson!
Recharge Nevada, renewed energy install,
let us lead by example; it’s up to us all! 

A positive message must be heard through the land
solutions are called for, as united we stand.
Seeing Nevada up on her feet, what a sight,
happy healing to all, and to all a good night!

Written by Susan Fix, The Applied Companies Community Liaison Partner. Fix has worked 15 years in staffing services performing outside sales, recruiting, permanent and temporary placement coordination, career counseling, customer service and social media/business.

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