February 7, 2012

Things to Do in Reno: King Tut at Wilbur D. May Museum

Okay, King Tutankhamun himself is not in Reno.  However, the spirit of his reign has been captured by the Wilbur D. May Museum where more than 130 replicas of artifacts found in King Tut’s tomb are on display. If you're looking for things to do in Reno, take a look at our “Why I Love Reno” video on our website and we've found “Wonderful Things” from the Pharaoh’s Tomb is our newest reason to love Reno.

We were graciously allowed to photograph the Anubis Shrine and the Golden Canopic Shrine & Tutelary Goddesses for this blog. The Anubis Shrine, mounted on a carrying sledge, was found at the entrance to the treasury of Tutankhamun’s tomb. The shrine contained the pharaoh’s ritual embalming equipment. The Golden Canopic Shrine housed an alabaster canopic chest containing the embalmed viscera of the young pharaoh.

The original treasures are rarely, if ever, seen outside of Egypt. Save yourself a plane ticket to the Valley of the Kings and experience the wonder of one of the world’s most famous discoveries in this kid-friendly exhibit. The bejeweled royal mummy elicited exclamations of, “Ewww, how cool is that?” from excited children.

Artisans from the Pharaonic Village in Giza, Egypt spent over ten years creating reproductions of many of the Pharaoh’s sacred and personal belongings. The replicas are dead on accurate when compared to photos of the original relics. In addition to the mummy and shrines, visitors will see the famous funerary mask, a chariot, beds, thrones, statues and jewelry. A video, detailing British archaeologist Howard Carter’s extraordinary find, is enjoyed inside an area set up like a tent in the desert.

For hours, admission and more information visit the Washoe County/The Wilbur D. May Center website. Plan your excursion now - King Tut departs May 23, 2012.


Written by Susan Fix, The Applied Companies Community Liaison Partner. Fix has worked 15 years in staffing services performing outside sales, recruiting, permanent and temporary placement coordination, career counseling, customer service and social media/business.

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