August 9, 2011

Staffing “Flexing” Its Muscles in the Marketplace

Employment professionals know that the staffing industry is a primary indicator of economic turnaround. As a leading local Reno staffing provider, The Applied Companies is getting a solid workout! Many employers are seeing a noticeable increase in business. After the 2009 reduction in force, they no longer have the staff to meet demands, yet they are hesitant to bring on full-time staff. Flexibility is a strong motivator to partner with Reno staffing agencies.

According to the American Staffing Association there were more new temporary jobs in December than in any comparable period in the past 20 years. The latest job numbers released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that temporary help employment increased by 2.5%, seasonally adjusted, from November to December. Although other sectors continued to lose jobs at a slower pace than before, temporary help services was one of few industries that continued to add jobs.


Temporary staffing in is a great way to “flex” your workforce and satisfy any increased demand your company may be experiencing for its product or services, without the cost of hiring permanent employees plus their benefits. Our Reno, NV staffing solutions has a large pool of qualified candidates with all skill sets and skill levels ready to meet your needs. We offer rigorous testing of employees to make sure you get the right fit, each and every time. We can also do a complete workforce assessment to determine if there are other services, like payroll processing, that may save you time and money while you are ramping up sales.

Job Seekers

Temporary work is a great place to start exercising your job search proficiency. Our job recruiters will help you with interview techniques, résumé writing, and test your skills to find out your strengths and opportunities for growth. Apply online at Applied Staffing and visit our website for job seeking resources under “Resources.”

Reno Staffing Agency

In order not to strain your current workforce or your resources, choose a staffing agency like The Applied Companies that helps you flex “your” muscles in the marketplace. Our Reno, NV job recruiters are highly experienced in placing companies with the right employees and candidates with the perfect jobs. Contact us at (775) 853-5433 to learn more about our services.


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