The State of the Workforce

It’s no secret that many things have changed in the Northern Nevada community. Along with new companies coming in, housing costs on the up and up, and the rise of entrepreneurship – the workforce and their demands are changing as well.

We saw an almost $2 per hour wage increase in the span of mid-2015 to late-2016.

This is substantial.

Now, wage plays a MAJOR role in employees being drawn to companies, but the workforce now expects more than a paycheck.

We surveyed our employees throughout Northern Nevada, and found the top three reasons why employees leave, in order of importance.

1. Poor work environment.

2. No possibilities of permanent work.

3. Money.

Bottom line? Pay competitively, treat your employees well, and offer a plan for growth or stability within your company.

If you do these things, you will ensure you remain relevant and have a fair shot at the best employees for your business.