December 14, 2018

What Can You Do When You “Don’t Have Time” for a Job Search?

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It can be tough to look for a job when you’re very busy. If you’re already working long days, you might not have time at the end of the day to find the new job you need. The very idea of tailoring resumes and spending hours searching job postings can get pushed down the list of priorities.

A Reno NV job recruiters can help you find the right jobs that fit your goals and needs when you don't have the time to job search. Check out these four tips for maximizing your time and finding your next opportunity as easily as possible.

1. Streamline your search

It’s easy to spend hours searching for jobs online. In fact, you can spend days on end searching, finding one, and then developing the application materials and filling out online forms. But there are ways to be more productive.

First, decide the type of jobs you want. Make sure your resume is tailored so hiring managers in a certain industry see your background information which is most pertinent to this specific job. Then you can use your time to solely focus on jobs that fit your past experience and what you would like to do.

Use keywords in your search to narrow down opportunities on various job boards. For example, If you’re looking for an administrative assistant position, use “administrative assistant.” Bookmark or save every application you don’t finish while you’re focused on searching so you can come back to it the next day.

2. Focus on jobs that meet your goals and needs

Spend your time focusing on what meets your professional goals and needs rather than applying for any and all jobs available. If you want to move into clerical work, for example, you need to start in an office, not packing in a warehouse. If you need a full-time job for the salary, a part-time job may not be helpful.

When you look at job postings, try to focus only on the jobs and areas you’ve identified as meeting your goals and needs. Sometimes, job searching takes a long time because you’re letting the jobs that are currently available determine whether you respond. Instead, set a game plan and let it determine what you respond to out of the total jobs out there.

3. Tap into your professional network

As many as 70 percent of jobs in some industries are filled through networking and having connections help you through the hiring process. Let others assist you in your job search. Tell all your friends, past coworkers, and relatives you’re looking. You never know who will hear of an available job. Ask the people in your network if they know of anyone who is looking.

4. Work with a recruiter

It’s very smart to contact a recruiter when you begin your job search. Recruiters have large networks of contacts and companies who are looking for jobs to be filled. Many recruiters specialize in a certain industry, so choose one that has extensive experience in the area you are interested in. Recruiters will prioritize your interests and increase your reach in a job search.

While the job search can seem like a hassle, it doesn’t have to be. By using a focused approach and utilizing the resources available to you, you can maximize the time you have and find the new job you need.

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